She loved The Wiggles as a toddler and Kori and Greg would sing along with it to her when it played. After being tucked in for bed and brushing her teeth with her mommy, she usually snuck out of her bedroom and sat at the top of the stairs. We had to be sneaky to not reveal to her that we knew she was there! She was a really involved sister and cared a lot for her siblings. She wasn’t afraid to roughhouse with Mark and Eric, which delighted them.                                                              12/2/17 Aunt Kristi 

I have always not been the biggest fans of bugs, but when Kadyn was younger she had her super neat bug collection. I always sucked up my initial feelings about it because you could see how much passion she had for it. And even as a bug hater, I have to admit Kadyn's collection was incredibly impressive and cool. Her collection allowed me to see what a cicada looked like for the first time. She is the reason to this day that I 'escort' bugs outside when I find them in the house. 

                                                                                                        12/3/17  Aunt Kaley

Dear Weston family,


We knew Kadyn. She volunteered with us. We are Health Through Science (HTS) volunteers.


We just wanted to share with you this picture. It reminds us of her. It's a radiant flower with early morning dew drops. That's how she arrived to volunteer early in the morning at Brown Elementary.


Kadyn was so great with the kids that we helped at Brown Elementary that she made her mark in the world. Kadyn helped make these kids' lives better.


This Thanksgiving, we will give thanks for having known her. Kadyn will always be in our minds. And every time we see a flower like this, we will smile because we will remember her and all the good things she represents.


So very sorry for your loss,


Alex Mancevski, Brown Elem. Team &

Health Through Science Officers

I always loved to hear Kadyn whistling her flute parts, and her wry sense of humor, and her patience teaching me how to use my phone, and what a loving big sister she was. 

                 12/7/17 Nana (great grandmother)