Mark's prayer for Kadyn, 

'we love our Kadyn, we love her dear, and now we thank her for the years'

Hi Kadyn,

We miss you.  I miss you. 

You're missing out on lots of chocolate, and steak & broccoli and homemade french fries and cake from Upper Crust.  I wish you were here.  I hope you are okay wherever you are.  I love you.

I love that you are my daughter - I feel very proud and blessed to have had you for my daughter.  I wish I could tell you more and be with you and hold you again.

Love Mom


Hi Kadyn,

We got a note from the Treefolks of Austin - over $900 has been donated to their organization in your name - and they've planted 180 trees so far.  So I thought you would like that - the trees probably won't be big enough to climb anytime soon.  I hope you have trees to climb - or something even more fun and peaceful to do.

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Tree folks - and to other places in Kadyn's name.  We appreciate it very much.

Kori - 3-22-18

Hi Kadyn,

It's our first summer without you.  We are having a good summer - but we are also sad without you here to enjoy it with us.  You always seemed to like catching waves on the boogie boards, and I really wish you could have gone 'camping' in the RV and rode bikes around and seen the trees at the campground. And just relaxing at home is nice too - I miss you

Love Mom    7-10-18

Hi Kadyn,

It's the start of a new school year - I wish you were here starting your senior year, getting ready to start college next year.  I think you would have really liked college.  We are doing all right - we all just miss you - so many of us... so much...

Mark is playing in the band - the tuba! - I picture you poking fun at him and playing along on your flute.  It's hard hearing the giant loud metronomes clicking time for the high school band practice - and you're not going to be playing - maybe you are playing somewhere - maybe I will hear you again.

I love you Kadyn

Love Mom   9/20/18

Hi Kadyn,

Well, it's one year today without you.  We sure miss you - it froze today for the first time this school year - which seems a bit ironic - just a cold day for most folks though.  Dad started teaching Erin to drive, and Mark's teaching me to play jingle bells (remember teaching me on your flute?!) Eric was excited to help decorate Halloween cookies - I showed the ones you made last year to GG - I keep them in the freezer still (well, except the one Mark ate)  I wish we could have made some cookies together again this year.  I wish you were going to be here for the holidays and everyone's birthdays.  I wish I could tell you all the things I want to tell you - and give you a big hug.  We love you - we loved having you with us - we hope you are all right and happy.

Love Mom 11-13-18

Hi Kadyn,

We just got back from Spring Break on Sunday.  I wish you could have been there with us in California - the ocean waves were incredible! - but soooo cold - you would have really been grumpy about getting up these last two mornings though (coming back from California time is harsh!).  I realized I didn't write anything on your birthday.  February was a hard month.  You should have turned 18 on Valentines Day.... & be graduating in a couple more months - & starting the next part of your life this summer...

I wish I told you that you could take a break - you don't have to go to college right away - you don't have to go to med. school..  I wish so many things...

For your birthday - we had cake and cupcakes - just from HEB - but their bakers make some yummy treats...

Did you see the bees buzzing around the new redbud tree?  It seemed like you approved - maybe that's nuts but I don't care - 

I love you.  I miss you.



Hi Kadyn,

It's graduation day on Wednesday I hear.  Some of your friends are wearing tree pins on their graduation gowns in honor of you.  I just wish you were graduating too.  I wish you played whiffle ball with us for Memorial day today.  And I wish you could have seen Mark's championship baseball game, and watch Eric pitch - and hear us trying to learn Korean, and come with us to Orlando to watch Erin play volleyball - and go back to Universal and Harry Potter World - (not that we can top that first time drinking Butter Beer and riding the Hogwarts Express) It will be fun to see Aunt Kristi and finally meet little Finn as well - maybe we'll go over to the ocean to see the waves and boogie board again - hard to beat that too.  I love you Kadyn - I wish I realized... I hope you know I love you always

Love Mom 5-27-19

Hi Kadyn,

It's December already - I didn't write in here on Nov. 12th or 13th - the moon was amazing with a zig-zag of bright white clouds that night and curved parallel lines to the right - I imagined you telling me how you skied down -making the zig zag tracks and skidding up the snow on the sides.  Kind of nuts I know - but I don't really care. 

We decorated a tree on 360 - did you approve? I didn't buy anything/ waste anything to do it - just used stuff we had already -

so I thought you'd be okay with that -

or maybe you weren't * and you helped instigate getting the keys locked in the truck??..

I wonder if you can see how tall Mark is now? or how much more grown up Eric looks. & Erin turned 16! - she'll be driving soon - how about that?

Papa died earlier this year - he was 96 -he had a very good life.  Nana is sad of course - missing him so much - but she is still getting through - we'll get out there again in March - maybe you can see us braving the Pacific waves again.

We're thinking about going to Europe next summer - maybe Paris - maybe Italy - maybe Spain again (I haven't told your dad that part yet) I don't know if we'll ever go to Germany - it won't be right without you there....

oh Kadyn, I miss you so very much...I wish I wish..

I love you always

Love Mom 12/10/19.

It's still December 2019 - I was remembering when you were a little toddler - watching a kids video - "Hey Diddle Diddle - the Cat & the Fiddle" was one of your favorites.  You would hold up your elbow like it was a fiddle and play it with your pretend bow - dancing around with such determination on your face - it was so entertaining watching you! (I'm sure I have a video somewhere - but I remember it very well) :)) love Mom

Hi Kadyn,

Well - I haven't written in here in a while - it's Nov. 13th 2020 - it has been quite a year.  I imagine you would have been upset getting sent back home from your first year in college back in March due to COVID.   You could have hung out in the guest room area and had your own little apartment at least.  And you could have joined us in cards and whiffle ball and gotten some home cooking! - We are having some Chinese/ Vietnamese food tonight, and Ms. Shari is bringing some treats.  It was always fun seeing you try so many kinds of foods.  I still remember you looking at the sea cucumbers at the San Diego Aquarium and remarking 'YUM!" (even I wouldn't eat those at the Korean/ Chinese place in Dallas with Harmony.) Eric's new favorite food is the shrimp dumplings at dim sun.   Chocolate desserts are still the best - and pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting.  We love you Kadyn.  Always - Love Mom

Hi Kadyn,

It's your 21st birthday today - I'm not sure if you would have had a drink or not-we'll share a toast to you anyway.  It's sunny and green outside - I hope the trees start blooming soon - that's always a pretty time.  Erin and Mark are both running track - I'm looking forward to watching them.   Erin's trying to decide on college for this fall.  Mark will be in the Macy's parade with his band this coming Thanksgiving.  Eric is staying busy with  lots of sports - he's reading a book to me about a "Boy and a  Lamborghini" - you wouldn't believe how well he knows cars!

I wish you were here - maybe you'd be at UT so we'd see you today - or somewhere else &  you would have come home for the weekend and taken today off - (I wish I'd told you it was okay to take a day off now and then!)  - or  we could have celebrated yesterday.  We keep going and making it through the days.  We miss you.  We love you.

Love Mom 2/14/2022