please hug you kids kids and tell them that you love them as much as you can.



talk to them, ask them questions.  


tell them even in your worst time in your life that things will get better.  the pain that you are suffering will get better and will go away.


tell them you will be there with them every step and together, we will make it out the darkness and despair.


tell them you will not judge them but will be so happy and relieved that they able to confide in you and ask for help.


tell them it's ok to ask for help and sometimes you cannot solve a problem by yourself and need others. that is why you are there as parents and that even we ask for help to make it

through the most difficult times.


let them know that suicide is never a solution and this will only hurt your family and friends forever.


together we will make it through any problem and live for a better tomorrow.