In the summer, the region band etudes were released and I saw Kadyn practicing them during summer band camp. I asked her if I could look at them because I hadn't gotten the chance and she gave me her copies of them. She said they "were bad copies" and she was going to make more anyways. I took them and practiced with them all throughout the fall. This past Saturday, I took those same copies with me to region band. Knowing that just a small part of her was in the room made me feel really happy. Kadyn was such an amazing player and she expressed herself through music in no way words could describe. I miss you Kadyn, I hope one day to hear you play again.                                                                                                                12/4/17  Elysa Naranjo 

I was in the same friend group with her freshman year. She was also in my world geo class. We didn't hang out much sophomore year, but the first year, she always had a very subtle sense of humor, and her smile just made the rest of her face of light up. I remember she was really smart and when she played solos at the football games, it was impeccable. In about the first week of November, I was in my dance class and me and a few other people were talking about who would be valedictorian in our year. I said, " I hope it's Kadyn because she's really smart and determined." She also had that one bubba gump sticker on her flute case and that little shrimp was just smiling like this was the place he wanted to be, that being on that case was his dream come true. That's all of what has stuck with me through out knowing her, and I'm grateful I did.                                           12/5/17    Lily Sellers

Kadyn and I met freshmen year, and i was immediately taken aback by her intelligence. It wasn’t until sophomore year, though, that I truly got to know her. As many know, Kadyn was very athletic, and I had the pleasure of being on the softball team with her last year. Since it was my first year, Kadyn helped teach me how to throw and bat, and i was always so grateful to be around her. She was good at everything and I never understood that. She was one of my heroes. I sat near her in physics this year, and we had a couple conversations that I will now cherish forever. This season, our team is feeling a true loss, and it will definitely not be the same without Kadyn, so I plan to dedicate every game to her and work as hard as I can, the way I know she would have automatically. I truly miss Kadyn and I wish the best for your family.                                                           12/5/17  Anastasia Barnett

I still remember Kadyn's 1st grade birthday party. We, our class, sang our hearts out to a bunch of Guitar Hero songs, particularly Jukebox Hero. Whenever I hear that song I'll think back fondly on that party and on the witty banter Kadyn kept going in our Great Ideas class.                                                                                                                                                                                             12/5/17  Sofia Pineda

Kadyn and I played on the basketball team together freshmen and sophomore year. During every morning practice we'd shoot at the same hoop and talk about school and our lives. I always looked forward to our morning talks because she had the best since of humor and her sarcasm would always make me laugh. She was so good at so many things, and I'm glad I got the opportunity to play on a team with her.                                                                                                                                 12/5/17   Kathryn Christian